We absolutely love Levi, and so does everyone who meets him. He has such a sweet personality. All people and dogs are his friend. From the very first day we brought him home, Levi gave nothing but kisses to our little nieces and nephews. He's got plenty of energy and loves to run and play, and he makes a great cuddler on the couch. He's a smart pup too, and took to potty bell training in only a week.

Colt and Valarie

-He is doing great! We lovehaving him around. He has been learning tricks very quickly. As ofright now he can sit, lay, shake and rollover.
‚ÄčTim and Sara
We love for our puppy buyers to stay in contact with us.  We love to hear stories and see how the puppies are growing. Below you will find a few of our happy puppies and owners.

"Izzy is a such a great dog and has the best personality.  She just  loves other dogs and kids too"



"I had to wait 24 years to get a puppy, but Lincoln was definitely worth the wait!  He's smart, great with people and other animals, and is all smiles whenever he sees me.  I would recommend a miniature labradoodle to anyone who wants a well-behaved puppy that doesn't shed, is great with kids, and very easy to train!"



"She is doing great, we love her.  She has the sweetest disposition and is already showing signs of being really smart....very happy we got her."


Avery, Lucy, and Bella

"We started off with one puppy as a Christmas gift for our boys last year.  Here we are not quite a year later and we are now the proud owners of THREE pups!! Jen was such a pleasure to work with and we just love these pups.  They have such a wonderful temperament and so much love to give.  In addition they are VERY smart, which has made training a breeze.  They are very playful and just a joy to have around!  Each with its own personality.  Avery, Lucy and Bella have made our family complete!  We could not ask for better set of pups!  This is all coming from the mouth of a gal, that after 25 years of marriage, always saying NEVER to a dog, now has three wonderful babies!!!" 

The Burke Family


Brady has been the "perfect" dog. He has a great demeanor and very intelligent. He impresses everyone he meets.